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How to add numbers to the directory in the iPECS Cloud Portal

This guide will show you how to add numbers to your company directory via the iPECS Cloud Portal.

First, select the ‘company directory’ menu from the left-hand side ‘company’ dropdown menu. 

To modify an entry, select the entry and click ‘modify’. 

You can now change this entry’s name and number. Once you are happy, click ‘save’. 

To add a new entry, click ‘add’. 

Fill in all of the necessary fields, such as first name and phone number. 

To show up on handsets, you’ll need a group speed dial number. To create this, go to the dropdown menu of this name and choose the mode of number that you would like to show up on handsets. 

Then, choose the free group speed dial number. If not populated by default, click on the magnifying glass to make your selection. Next, click ‘save’. 

Finally, you will see the new entry in the list, with a lightning bolt next to the number. This shows it will be able to be seen on handsets under the company directory option.

For more information, contact Your Comms Group.