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How to Add Device to DEP using Apple Configurator - Scalefusion MDM

In this article we will guide you how to add your devices to DEP using Apple Configurator thanks to Scalefusion

Your Comms Group offers enterprise mobility management solutions, including the popular Scalefusion MDM platform. If you're looking to add devices to the Apple Device Enrollment Program (DEP) using Apple Configurator and Scalefusion MDM, we can help. Our video tutorial takes you through the process step by step, making it easy to get started.

By adding devices to DEP using Apple Configurator and Scalefusion MDM, you can streamline your device management process and improve device security. With DEP, you can remotely configure and manage your devices, including pushing apps and content, enforcing security policies, and monitoring usage. DEP also allows for zero-touch deployment, meaning that devices are automatically enrolled in MDM when they are activated, reducing the need for manual configuration.

With Scalefusion MDM and Apple Configurator, you can easily add your devices to DEP, allowing for more efficient and secure device management. This leads to improved productivity, enhanced security, and more streamlined device management overall. Get started with adding your devices to DEP using Scalefusion MDM and Apple Configurator today for enhanced device management and security.

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