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How to access the iPECS Cloud Portal

A simple guide to accessing the iPECS Cloud Portal.

Firstly, you will need your iPECS user ID & password, which should have been provided during the setup phase. If you’re uncertain, contact your system administrator. 

Navigate to customer.ipecs-cloud.co.uk in your browser.

Select ‘user’ to manage your personal extension, or ‘manager’ if you want to manage your company’s phone system or another colleague’s extension. 

From here, enter your iPECS user ID & password, and click log in. 

Press ‘forgot user password’ and enter your user ID and email address to reset your password. If you are unsure as to what these are, contact your system administrator.

Click ‘send email’ and follow the instructions in the subsequent email to reset your password. 


For more information, contact Your Comms Group.