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How to Access & use the directory with iPECS phone system (Android)

A guide to accessing and using the directory with your iPECS UCE application on an Android device.

These instructions will show you how to access and use the directory using iPECS UCE software on an Android device.

To begin, open the UCE app and log in. 

First, select the ‘contact’ icon on the toolbar at the bottom of the screen. This will bring up 3 tabs: Organisation, Shared and Private.

Organisation is a list of colleagues from your organisation, which you can separate into categories via the app (e.g. by department). To view a contact, click on the relevant section. You’ll be able to see whether they’re available or not for an audio or video call.

Shared contacts will show the system directory. This is a full list of contacts available to everyone using the UCE application.

Private is a list of your own private contacts.

To add a new contact, press the ‘create’ icon in the top right. If you want to allow your UCE to view mobile contacts, select this in your phone settings. Then, you can view all of your contacts in the contact directory.

If you have any questions regarding the UCE app, please contact Your Comms Group.