Your Team

    The team at Your Comms Group are one of most valuable assets. We massively value all members of employees. Many of the team have been with us since the beginning and we very rarely see staff members move employment which we believe speaks volumes for the environment we have at YCG.

    YCG believes communication is key not just internally but with all our customers all the time. Mistakes do happen, if businesses say they don’t they are fibbers, the key is when mistakes do happen, we update constantly and get a satisfactory resolution in place ASAP.

    Our staff team care about each other and care about our customers.

    We nurture our employees and believe in ensuring all their goals and ambitions are met wherever possible.

    Lee Stalham
    Rob Saffman
    Chris Griffin
    Dean Stalham
    Aman Arora
    Adam Gray
    Roger Bower
    Joanna Rutkowska
    Albinia Nicholas
    Francisco Fernandes
    Sara Al Shakerchi
    Joshua Tatiah