At Your Comms Group, we’ve a division that solely delivers airtime, devices, sims, software and mobile applications into sectors that benefit from mobilised work force applications on their devices.

We can supply
the full

  • The Back-office scheduling software.
  • The on the device application.
  • Sim with voice and data.
  • The device for the mobilised worker to use

Or we partner with many UK software providers who provide the software and applications to organisations, and we supply the low cost voice and data plan, with a free device… Read More

We are also extremely experience at setting up and deploying mobile device management (MDM) software onto company owned devices.

Please look at our tariffs, product guides and software alliances, and of course do get in-touch for more information. We can help you save costs and times on existing mobile solutions or a brand-new project.

One Plan
One Plan
One Plan

What is MDM?

Mobile device management (MDM), is the process of managing everything

about a mobile device. Read More