At Community Keepers, we are serious about attracting and retaining outstanding talent and people who subscribe to our mission and values.

We employ registered counsellors, psychologists and social workers on a full or part time basis.

Please fill in this application form if you would like to apply for an advertised vacancy and email this to



To qualify as an educational psychologist in South Africa, students need to complete a 12 month internship at a training site and under the supervision of a senior psychologist.

We annually accept intern educational psychologists for our programme which we offer in collaboration with the Stellenbosch University Department of Educational Psychology.

If you are an outstanding prospective intern educational psychologist and interested in joining our multi-disciplinary team, please feel free to contact us for more information.


We encourage you to roll up your sleeves and join us today in our quest to promote the well-being of our country’s future leaders. We’ve identified the following key areas where individuals can become involved by offering their time, talents and energy to serve in the communities where we are working.


  • Professional Volunteers

We offer opportunities for qualified psychologists (educational, clinical and counselling), counsellors and social workers to deliver services as part of our multi-disciplinary team. Opportunities are also available ad-hoc to other professionals, to serve as guest speakers during motivational talks with learners, parenting workshops or professional development sessions with educators.


  • Non-Professional Volunteers

Any individual wanting to serve in the community can become involved with specific events which are usually presented during afternoons or weekend. These activities include facilitating life skills programmes as well as accompanying groups of learners on day outings and assisting them with projects.


  • International Volunteers

We offer various opportunities to international volunteers, to serve in our organisation. If you’d like to visit South Africa and serve as a volunteer at Community Keepers, contact us to discuss opportunities that suit your interests and qualifications.