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Due to the extreme speed that technology is evolving, many businesses now have the opportunity to become International and travel the globe with their services or products. Yet one issue that comes to users' minds is - can I use my phone when I get overseas. Or how do I turn on my data roaming? I still can't access my emails!


The big question is - do we really know what data roaming means?


By the end of this paragraph, I hope it makes a lot more sense. 

Data roaming is when you are no longer in range of your current carrier's signal and you are able to jump onto a network that can offer you coverage, meaning you can still use your phone as normal but at a different chargeable rate. Normally those on a pay monthly plan will be aware of this - more so when you travel internationally. Usually, as soon as you turn your device back on (or off aeroplane mode) you receive a welcoming text message from the provider explaining the new rates. This can be a shocking start to a business or a pleasure trip. It can also be particularly frustrating if you find yourself travelling often for business and receiving huge monthly bills. This normally leads to the next question...



Should data roaming be on or off? 


The answer to this is individual to the needs and access you require while away, but we imagine if you are on a business trip you are looking to be able to use your device as normal right? If this is the case then the answer is yes but be warned if you are on a standard tariff to check either before you travel, or text messages you will receive which explain the rates. Your Comms Group can offer you a personalised tariff, as we often get told by users that there are aspects of their plan they don't use - so why can't this be replaced? Well with us it can be! Click the following link to speak to an agent about our personalised business sim contracts and we can help create a custom plan. 



Should Data Roaming Be On Or Off In The UK? 


Since Brexit, this has been a massive talking point. After years of negotiation, European countries and providers finally agreed to have free roaming across Europe. This became standard practice, but within a few years Brexit happened, and people questioned if this was still in place. The answer is unfortunately not as straightforward as you may think and has become an individual rule to each network. Since Brexit, many have gone back to setting daily pricing or rates, so I recommend checking with your provider (can we link our roaming rates doc here) before leaving the country. For those who travel to the UK for business - again from other European or International Countries - We suggest you check with your local carrier for more details before your business trip. 


After checking with your provider, you may be happy or feel there is no other option but to use Data Roaming. So your next question may be - how do I turn this on?

For those of you using an Apple or iOS device follow these easy steps:

  • Open Settings 
  • Mobile Data
  • Mobile Data Options 
  • Data Roaming On or Off

For those using Android follow the following steps:

  • Settings 
  • Connections 
  • Mobile Networks 
  • Tap to activate or deactivate Data Roaming. 


Rebooting your device 


If this seems not work make sure once data roaming is active,  try and reboot your device- the best way of doing this is to power off your device for at least 1 minute and then you should have access once your device restarts.


E-Sims and Local Travel  Packages


Many providers today offer packages or daily access. With the latest IOS and certain android devices, you now have the option of E-sims which give you short-term access to a local provider without having to buy or find a sim card once you have landed. 


If you are looking to expand your business Internationally then feel free to click the following link for more information and advice from a Your Comms expert. 







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