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Using the 3CX Android app

How you can use the 3CX softphone on Android.

The 3CX app reconnects your calls via wifi and 4G, so you can take the office with you wherever you go and never need to give out your personal number again. All of your calls are secured with encryption. 

Firstly, download the app from the Google Play store for free. 

Follow the initial setup steps to get started. 

Scan your QR code as found in the welcome email. 

Select your status from the 3CX status list to let your colleagues know if you're available, on a call or out of office. 

You can tick 'disable push notifications' to avoid receiving call or chat notifications. 

You can use the 3CX chat to send messages and files to colleagues with ease. Select the arrow key to archive the chat, or the dustbin to delete. 

Make a video call by selecting the video icon once you are on a call with a colleague. 

To listen to a voicemail, simply tap to play each message. 

The phonebook combines your colleagues' company address book and own phonebook entries. You can also quickly and easily send a voicemail, email or chat by clicking on your desired colleague.