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Configuring hot desking with 3CX

A guide to the 3CX hot desking feature.

What is hot desking?

Hot desking is a great way to lower real estate costs for companies with 24/7 operations and shift work, as it means that you don't need an assigned desk for each user. Instead, one system can be assigned to multiple users throughout the day. 

Let's take a look at how we can do this using 3CX for desktop.

How to enable hot desking

First, go to 'Phones' and copy your computer address. 

Go to 'Hotdesking' on the left hand menu, and click 'Add'. Paste the address to add this device as a hotdesking device, and select the correct model. 

Choose 'Local' from the list of provisioning methods, and choose the internal interface of the PBX. The remaining options will be completed at the device level. 

Return to the 'Phones' page. Select the correct device, and click 'Assign Extension', completing the provisioning process. 

Navigate to the 'Options' section belonging to the correct user. Select 'Enable Hotdesking'. This will allow the user to login to the device. 

Next, enter the dial code that is shown in the dial codes page, then the extension number that you want to login, followed by *.

When you hit 'Dial', you will receive a request for the voicemail PIN number. Enter this, and press the # key.

Once the call ends, the phone will take on the settings of the user that you want to provision. 

Log out using the first BLF. You will see that the phone has been re-provisioned.