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Parking and retrieving calls with 3CX

How to park and retrieve calls using the 3CX softphone desktop application.

There is an important distinction between putting a call on hold and parking a call. 

'Hold' is used when the call is just for you. If a call is on hold, only you can see this, not the other users on the call. 

'Park' is different. If you park a call, other users can see this and pick up the call instead. 

The 'Busy Lamp Field' (BLF) can be made visible by clicking the three dots in the corner, followed by 'show BLF side panel'. From here, you can see your available parking spots for calls. They will be marked green when available, and yellow when unavailable. 

To park a call whilst you are on said call, you can click on one of the SP-labelled buttons, which will then change to yellow. 

Now you can make another call, then either return to the parked call or have someone else pick it up instead. 

To pick up a parked call, click the park button.