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How to use the 3CX switchboard

A summary on how to use the 3CX switchboard on your desktop.

Firstly, navigate to the switchboard icon on the left hand side.

From here, you can access queued calls, the wallboard and create groups for different call queues. 

On the right, you can see your colleagues' statuses and call them by selecting the appropriate icons. 

Call features such as 'barge in', 'listen' and 'whisper' are also available from here, depending on whether or not your extension allows.


Our application features a dedicated dialer, allowing you to effortlessly respond to calls within your current workspace, eliminating the need for app-switching.
Should you prefer the desktop app visible, you have the option to minimise the window to a customised size, ensuring easy access on the side of your screen.

Free phone:

033 3320 8040