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How to use the 3CX iOS app

A summary explaining how to use the 3CX app on your Apple phone.

To take your office extension with you wherever you go, download the 3CX app from the App Store.

Follow the initial steps onscreen, then scan your welcome email QR code.

You can select a status from the 3CX list to let your team know when you are and aren't available. 

You can use the 3CX chat option to send messages and documents to colleagues. If a chat is no longer in use, you can easily swipe across on the chat to delete or archive. 

Once you're in a call with a colleague, you can easily switch to a video call by selecting the video icon. 

To check your voicemails, go to the appropriate icon and tap on a message to play.

Go to 'contacts' to view your colleagues' company address book and phonebook in the same place. From here, you can easily send a voicemail, chat, email or make a call.