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How to transfer a call using iPECS (Windows)

This article will teach you how to transfer a call using your iPECS application on Windows.

This guide will demonstrate how to transfer a call using the iPECS UCE for Windows Desktop.

Once logged in, you will see different options on the left-hand side of the screen, that will provide different features of the application.

To place a call, select the phone icon, which shows your call log. Click on the dial pad icon. You can either right-click and paste a number or type it manually by clicking on the dial keys.

As you type the number, matching contacts will show up from your iPECS Cloud directory. If the number is not in your directory, you can still place the call.

Much like a physical phone, simply press the call key to make the call. To transfer a call, press the middle icon of the phone with an arrow.

Then, use the search bar to find a contact by name or number. Choose which contact from the list you would like to transfer the call over to. You can either choose a consulted or blind transfer. Finally, to end the call, select the red phone icon.

If you have any questions regarding the UCE app, please contact Your Comms Group.