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How to set up the iPECS Cloud audio conferencing bridge

A guide to setting up an audio conference bridge on the iPECS Cloud Portal.

You can arrange conference calls of up to 8, 20 or 100 users depending on your subscription. 

First, log in to the iPECS Cloud portal and go to ‘audio conference bridge’ on the left-hand menu. 

You’ll see ‘available package licenses’ at the top. Click ‘modify’ and add a 2-5 digit audio conference bridge number. This can’t conflict with any numbers already on the system. Apply a direct dial so that external users can gain access, and add a description of your choice, then click Save > OK. 

Go to the ‘internal user’ tab and you will see a list of internal extensions with access to the audio conference bridge. 

Apply their data by clicking ‘apply all information to audio conference bridge’. This way, their information will show when they enter the audio conference bridge. After, you can follow the same process for external users. 

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