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How to change your voicemail greeting on your 3CX softphone

A summary on how to update your voicemail greeting on the 3CX phone system.

Click on the voicemail button at the bottom of the screen, represented by an envelope. 

From here, you can see any current voicemail messages and record your new greeting.

To begin, select the music icon at the bottom of the screen. 

Click on the record logo to the right hand side of 'Default'.

Enter a name for your new greeting when prompted. 

You will now get a phone call, which will allow you to record your greeting. Answer the call. 

Record your message, then click the # key. You can choose to save or re-record the message.

From the drop down menu under 'Default', select your newly recorded voicemail message. 

You have now set a new voicemail greeting!