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How to place a call through Outlook using the 3CX phone system

A guide to placing a call via Outlook to a deskphone using your 3CX phone system.

Go to Outlook, and right-click on 'Contacts'. From here, go to 'call contact with 3CX'. If you can't see this, contact your administrator. 

Click on 'call business'. 

Your deskphone will show evidence that you are making a call. You can communicate by either picking up your phone or speaking over your desktop. 



The surge in remote work has led businesses to seek software solutions for optimal productivity as employees operate from living rooms, spare rooms, or kitchens rather than traditional office spaces. Cloud-based phone software stands out as a crucial component in this technology lineup.

In the realm of hosted phone systems, 3CX stands as a prominent player, renowned for its excellent functionality and reliability across desktops, mobile devices, and traditional phone handsets.

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