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How to create call reports on your 3CX system

A guide to accessing and setting up call statistics on the 3CX phone system.

Accessing call reports is the perfect way to see how your team is doing individually and as a collective. 

Firstly, open your 3CX management console for desktop. 

Navigate to 'Reports' on the left-hand side, and select 'Add' to generate a new report. Here, you will see a drop down list of all the types of reports available. 

For example, select 'Extension Statistic Report'.

Name the report, select the required file format and input an email address where the 3CX report will be sent. 

Next, choose the frequency in which the report will be sent out. You can also choose the specific day and time. 

Select the data range. This is the time frame in which the data will be calculated in order for the report to be generated. You can also choose the extensions and call type report. 

Finally, select 'Schedule Report'. This will send an email to the chosen email address. Download the report from here.