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Transferring calls using 3CX

A guide to transferring phone calls using the 3CX using a Yealink phone

To conduct a warm transfer

A warm transfer involves letting your colleague know that your current call is being transferred to them. 

When you receive a phone call, press 'transfer' on your softphone system. You will hear a dial tone, indicating that your customer is on hold. 

Next, dial the number of the extension you want to transfer the call over too. 

When your colleague answers the phone, you can press 'transfer' again, which will send the call over to the correct extension. 

If your colleague chooses not to take the call, you can press 'end call', which will drop the member of your organisation out of the call, before pressing 'resume' which will bring you back to the external customer. 

To conduct a cold transfer

A cold transfer involves transferring the call directly to another line. 

The process is much the same as a warm transfer. When you press 'transfer' however, you hang up the line. The call should then be picked up by your colleague on the extension. 

At the end of the call, simply hang up as normal.