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3CX softphone basics

A basic tutorial explaining how to use the 3CX softphone on your Windows device.

Firstly, you'll need to start your 3CX phone. Go to Start > 3CX, which should bring up the phone onscreen. 

Select the keypad option to make a phone call. Use either your mouse or your keyboard to choose the correct numbers before clicking 'call'.

Several options will appear on screen. You can put the call on hold, mute, record and so on. 

To hang up the call, select 'end'.

When you receive an incoming call, you'll have the option to answer, decline, or divert to voicemail. 

Whilst on a call, you can click the arrow on the right hand side of the screen, which will present a list of SP (Shared Park lines). This is a hold line available that you can use to put calls on hold or park. This allows you to answer the call from another phone in your office. 

If your SP is green, that means that there are no calls on the park line. It is available for use! 

If the SP is yellow, that means this line is currently engaged. 

If you select a green SP (e.g. SP1) whilst on a call, the line will turn yellow. Select the same SP from any other phone within your organisation and you will be able to access the phone call.

Select 'end' to hang up the phone call. 

To call an extension, key in the extension number or type in the name of the person you are hoping to contact. Alternatively, you can also select a number from the company phonebook at the bottom of the screen. Select 'enter' to initiate the call. 

Select 'presence information' to see whether users are available, on a call or out of the office. You can select someone's name to call them directly. 

Click the keypad to return to the main screen. You will see an envelope, representing the voicemail system, on the right side of the screen. If someone leaves a voicemail, the icon turns blue. Click on the envelope to see all of your voicemails. 

Double click the voicemail/extension to play the message, call the person back, or mark the message as heard/unheard. Go to the bottom of the screen to delete the voicemail, or return to the list of all voicemail messages.