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    IoT (The Internet Of Things), is a system of interwoven computing devices and sensors that monitors and collects data pertaining to, machines, objects, plants, livestock and even people. This data is collected and analysed to better understand the world around us.

    IoT is enabling corporations, governments, businesses and other organisations to deal with challenges and to provide services and products in a predictive as oppose to a reactive way.

    Okay but where does YCG fit in with IoT?

    IoT is 100% reliant on connectivity whether that connectivity comes in the shape of IoT Sims, or a LAN or a WAN network.

    YCG currently provides
    connectivity to customers
    with 1000s of IoT devices.

    Put simply we have a proven track record in sourcing the right connectivity solutions at the best possible price points.

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    FAB things about Your IoT services:

    • IoT SIM’s that are fit for purpose
    • All UK Mobile Network Operators
    • Multi Network true roaming sims
    • Simplified pricing and rapid ordering deployment
    • Flexible tariffs from low KB to multiple TB usage
    • Fixed Private and/or Public IP Addresses
    • Online Managements tools with real time control and visibility
    • Multiple tunnelling standards
    • Various levels of encryptions including DES, IKEV2 and RC-4
    • Remote service with co-location

    For a more in depth look at all things IoT please download our short, informative information pack.

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